5 More Uses For Your Parallaxx Change Mat

How good is that after session banter and camaraderie? Where everyone is super pumped and on the high from that natural release of endorphins from doing what we love most!

When it comes to kiting, we’re always in competition on the metrics on who went further, faster, or higher, sharing insights with each other so we can all improve together. 

We’re always dreaming of improvement; both personally and the overall experience. There is always a common theme. 


Yes, it’s always everywhere! And yeah we love it, walking on it, and it gives us the beach, which we can’t and won’t ever live without. But what if we didn’t have to take all that sand home? 

What if we could keep our feet, wetsuit, harness and in this way, car sand-free? That would be a game-changer for us! 

This is where the Parallaxx Change mat came into existence. Simple yet so effective, this discovery was a game-changer. Not only does it protect your expensive wetsuit from being stomped into the ground when changing. By pulling the drawstrings it also creates a waterproof dry bag too, it then contains all your wet & sandy gear from getting through your car. 

Over time, we were further rewarded with all the hidden uses of the Parallaxx Change Mat

5 Additional ways to make use of your Change Mat

  1. Beach Beers
    Beach beers
    Impromptu beers are the best-tasting beers, as long as they are cold. Parallaxx has been inspired by the beach life and the change max doubles as a fully waterproof dry bag, coincidence? I think not.

  2. Groceries  Bag
    Grocery Bag
    We are aware of the impact that single-use plastics are having on our oceans. But I get it, whoever remembers to bring those reusable bags from home? Luckily, your change mat is still in the back of the car!

  3. Impromptu picnic mat
    Impromptu Parallaxx picnic mat
    No wind? Or maybe someone catches your attention? The Parallaxx change mat makes you look totally prepared and saves the day to bust out an impromptu picnic. Never fails to impress!

  4. Dirty Boots?

    Direct work boots but clean car
    Or even wet boots after snowboarding? Don’t worry about making a mess of your car, even worse, a friend’s car! Whatever the condition, pull the strings and contain it in your Parallaxx dry bag.

  5. Laundry bag
    Parallaxx Laundry Bag
    Let’s be honest - baskets take up way too much room. Regardless of what state your clothes are in, wet, sandy, muddy… you know your Parallaxx products are up to whatever the job you give them!

Bonus Use - Stay tuned, coming soon....

I trust that you will have all your own unique and wonderful ways to make use of your own Parallaxx Change Mat too. Get one for yourself today!


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