Parallaxx Adventrepreneur Ambassador Program

To empower 10,000 people to take action towards the ultimate life adventure of creating a legacy of meaning and purpose.

We Believe... that when we embrace our innate burning desire for adventure, our strength of incredible resilience, and thrill of uncertainty, it allows us to thrive in our most passionate state of living. Thus resulting in inspiration to create a positive change and growth humanity needs to sustain all that we love in outdoor living!


Share your love, passion, and inspiration for the lifestyle that you are already living to engage even more awesome humans to share it with! We are collaborating with influential change-makers like you, who own a life others dream of. Parallaxx Apparel is the physical product line that carries the vision out into the offline world. Wanna be part of it?

How it works

Becoming a Parallaxx Ambassador is easy with complete transparency at your fingertips. You will have access to your own personal dashboard to generate your own unique links and codes, while seeing live earnings as sales convert. We discuss and select which Parallaxx items are most suited to your personality and channel style. These will be provided to you at no charge*.


All products are paid out at a 15% earning referral on a monthly basis, thus the earning amount varies between products. The average revenue is AU$10 per sale. Parallaxx giveaways and prize packs available exclusively for your loyal followers!


Everyone who would like to become part of the Parallaxx Ambassador community is welcome to join. 

Maybe you love your Parallaxx purchase and know your own connections will think the same so keen to make your first few dollars online. Or maybe you already have a huge online following positioned in the independent outdoor lifestyle space who will totally resonate with the Parallaxx approach to life…. Which ever end of the spectrum you are at, jump on board! 

General Ambassador 
Has little to no online following or online marketing experience. 

  • Must have already purchased a Parallaxx item to promote 
  • Interested in actively learning how to grow online income 
  • Preferably looking to build an audience in USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Free training available 
  • Invitation to the Private Parallaxx Adventrepreneur community.
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Elite Ambassador 
Already well established as an online leader 

  • Has a minimum following of 7000 on a single platform 
  • An average post engagement of over 5% 
  • Audience predominantly based in USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Invitation to the Private Parallaxx Adventrepreneur community
  • No prior purchase required, items will be provided at no charge
  • Complimentary prize pack giveaways offered after 5 product sales 
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