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“Most people float through life through one of two ways; without giving much thought to the path that they’re on and are convinced that their current reality is the only option, or are too scared to take a risk and try something different”

When the penny dropped, I found this is entirely true for myself and it became increasingly more apparent how this was affecting the people around me. I was 30 and it was time to enter the second third of my life, change up a gear, and start being very intentional on what I really wanted in order to achieve real fulfillment. 

After learning how to leverage online business, achieve semi-passive income, and start earning on automation; the available titles I could see for myself were; entrepreneur - nope. Digital Nomad - cringe. Online Influencer - ick. Guru - not me. Blogger - naaaah? The list goes on but none of these were my home. I was lost and felt like I was missing my people - where do I belong? 

All I really wanted was to chase the adventure and adrenaline around the globe. Kite surfing for fun and fitness but also to create real value in the lives of others. I figured if I felt this way there must be others who feel the same. They will be on their own journey, at a different stage, who also want the same things but also have so much value to give too. What if all these people came together? What if this community was possible? Would this be our home together? 

So I created Parallaxx. The very act of just taking some action has been so amazing. I cannot say I knew all the answers then, and certainly cannot say I have even come close to figuring them all now… but, becoming the person I have needed to be in order to move through the challenges - it has been more rewarding than anything I can put my finger on. 

Recently the term ‘ adventurepreneur’ came up in a conversation. With a quick google search, I found the name, Jeremy Jensen. I tuned into his podcast ‘The Adventurepreneur Playbook’ which blew my mind! 

In the intro to the very first episode on the podcast series, Jeremy defines an Adventureprenuer as

“...thought leaders, influencers, thriller seekers, and nonconformists, who make a living as professional athletes, CEOs, artists, and change-makers, they’re the people brave enough to not let the traditional definitions of success confine them. They’re often irreverent misfits and risk-takers living life on their own terms.”

He then goes on to explore big name and upcoming entrepreneurs, who have built their passions into startups, small businesses, lifestyles, or personal brands.

The rush of emotion just hearing this, realizing that there are others out there like me, doing what I want to be doing, and achieving the life that I want to be living was such a rush. The excitement is real. 

If you are here here, already there is a good chance you feel the same. If you are unsure, check it out below. The entire podcast explains the philosophies of Parallaxx and where this brand is heading into the future. Join us!

Parallaxx Adventurepreneur - Thrill-seekers building adventure lifestyle business

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