Does your greatest influence inspire freedom?

I arrived in Australia missing the warmth of Mexico and needing an accountability partner to kite in the wintertime. I knew if I could introduce the sport to my brother it would dramatically increase my water time opportunity. 

Due to my influence, he gave it a good crack and loved it. So much so, he would already be at the beach for hours before I even finished work! He always told me "if you wanna live this dream, come with me and let's build it together". 

It took another year, but due to his influence, I quit corporate and started life. A kite life, surrounded by amazing people and an incredible community - all doing what inspires them! 

Shout out to my brother Luke Lawson who may be younger, but hands down been the biggest influence in my life. He opened my eyes to an incredible new world. 

Welcome home - well for now. 

 Who is your greatest influence in life? Really honestly ask yourself, are they all you need - in a positive way?

If you deserve a huge shift in reality, want 2020 to be your year, and could do with a shit load more positive influence - come join us! 

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