About us

Parallax (noun) "the effect where things appear to differ when you change your perspective"

Vision to redefine success. On a mission to create a self-sustaining community that empowers profound lifestyle choices driven by the passion for action sports. 

Join Chris from Kite Republic in speaking with Dan about his motivation & the why behind Parallaxx below. 

As humans, ultimately we all have the same destination in the end so really its what we do with our time until that point that sets us apart. And although there are differences in cultures, it seems the monetary system and consumerism has structured a society that enslaves us to a system that not all of us are suited for. 

Parallaxx was created to remind us to defy the norms, go against what our grandparents would have done in the 40’s, and empower us to take advantage of the plethora of new opportunities that we are now surrounded in. 

Perspective can determine success, acceptance, happiness, gratitude - so embrace Parallaxx & let’s start creating our best lives now! 

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